When I place an order how will I receive it?

We will deliver directly to your business or front door in the Portland Metro area and Oregon's North Coast. For orders outside those areas we have a variety of shipping options to choose from including next day air just about anywhere in the Nation . Local orders are typically packed in wet ice and orders sent via third party carrier are packed in reusable styrofoam containers with frozen gel packs.


How do I pay for my order?

Once we have your order filled we will email you an invoice with a very simple and secure link to pay with credit card or electronic check.


How do I know what is in season?

Great question! Since we specialize in fresh seafood our products are continously changing. The best way to keep up on whats in season is to follow us on social media via instagram and facebook. If there are certain species you are interested in let us know ahead of time so we can get a hold of you when it's available.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Since we source to order and don't sell from an inventory receiving times may vary however most orders ship within 48-72 hours.